Why Hire a Religious Marriage Celebrant?

25 July 2023
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While some people who follow a religion will marry in their churches or places of worship, this isn't the perfect solution for everyone. As an alternative, you can hire a modern marriage celebrant who is registered to lead religious ceremonies.

Why should you work with a registered religious marriage celebrant?

You Don't Want a Church Wedding

Some people like to get married in church. They want a traditional religious service. However, you might not be keen to get married in this environment.

For example, you might not want a traditional church wedding even if it seems like a natural fit with your religious and spiritual beliefs. A formal church wedding might not be a good fit with the way you want your ceremony to go. You'll get the religious elements you want; however, you might not enjoy your ceremony as much as you should.

For example, you might not want to walk down the aisle in a formal wedding dress. You might want to structure your service in a less formal way or to completely personalise your vows and ceremony. Or, you might want to get married on a day or at a time when your church doesn't run marriage ceremonies. Your church might not be able to accommodate all your needs.

If you use a religious marriage celebrant, then the person who leads your ceremony will give you the religious support you want. They can incorporate your spiritual beliefs into your ceremony while ensuring that you have more control over your wedding and how it works.

You Can't Have a Church Wedding

Some religious people would prefer to get married in their churches but can't do this. Sometimes, this is down to a religion's rules or restrictions.

For example, some religions won't marry someone who has had a secular divorce. You might be single in the eyes of the law but not in the eyes of your church. Some churches also won't marry a couple if one of them follows a different religion; same-sex couples sometimes still struggle to have a formal ceremony in some religions.

A religious celebrant is more flexible. They don't have the same restrictions and will usually officiate at ceremonies for anyone who is legally allowed to marry.

So, you can arrange a religious ceremony without needing the approval of your religion or church. Your celebrant will help you create a spiritual ceremony in the non-spiritual location of your choice.

To get started, contact a modern marriage celebrant that is registered to perform religious marriage ceremonies, such as Lauren Bridge Celebrant.